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Sonja Blum

Sonja Blum


The Gowanus canal is one of the most polluted bodies of water in the United States. Its history is closely linked to industrialization, then de-indutrialization of New York City and more recent gentrification of the city, including of this polluted landscape in recent years.

Extremophile species have been noted in this body of water, and now as the city displaces its human tenants through aggressive gentrification, I see parallels in humans dwelling in areas of extreme pollution as we adjust to the catastrophic climate change and pollution accumulating since the 19th century, to which we, as many species may eventually succumb. Or alternatively, existence of humans in this polluted terrain is a giving in to exposure, to radical change inluding evolving into humanoid extremophiles which will relish in the radioactive, fossil fuel and plastics waste.

The graffiti captured in the photos come into focus behind wire barricades blocking off the abandoned factory/warehouse from the casual passer by. The graffiti are a marking of territory, an appropriation of the polluted terrain as human domain.

My Instagram is sonjaform.

The following is an accompanying poem using 'found text' from within the graffiti.

I love you grandma

Enote cuz


Poe Poe


Zour rank taxer







Lauren Oberlin

Lauren Oberlin

Christina Gomez

Christina Gomez